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A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee)

Micromanaging has never and will never work:

Saying it louder for those at the back…Monitoring individual employees isn’t the way to boost productivity…Period! 

I’ve seen so many leaders go crazy with this micromanaging mindset. CEOs of the biggest companies in the world, and definitely startups obsess over their workers actually working remotely. Either way micromanaging will not take you anywhere. I believe it’s too much extra effort into something that is time and again proven to be the opposite of ‘productive’.

Employees hate it when they’re monitored:

Employees on the other hand hate to be monitored like that because it’s too much tension. Too much fear and too much imposition of negativity. Even the greatest employees are bugged by that because it stops them from keeping focus. 

There is no way for CEOs and business leaders to win if they don’t understand this. More than a new thing or random part of the “new normal”, employee first businesses have won big for many years now. It’s part of the reason I surround myself with successful people who have a positive and empathetic attitude to run and sustain their work culture. 



As they say in the classic saying: when you give people a lot of rope, it allows them to shine or hang themselves, and I believe in that. In my career I’ve always delegated over micromanaging in the sense that I delegate what isn’t the single most important thing in the world, and I micromanage what is…for me. When it comes to managing my employees, giving them space to breathe, knowing who they really are, being respectful of their time and privacy matters the most to me. 

Leading with fear and scaring people to do something is messed up. Negativity needs to be flipped to get the outcome you need.

Leadership at any and every level:

Not just from a macro POV, even if you’re a parent, or a sibling, a manager, or a person leading a 3 people team….micromanaging, using fear, insecurity, negativity, or just about any toxic way of treating your employees and subordinates, is just not sustainable.

It’s time to know, and *really* know that compassion and love are the only two answers that’ll bring you closer to your goals. Combine that with taking accountability to see how much simpler it gets. Scroll through the slide below to see my worded advice to complex scenarios that’ll change the game for you.


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A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee)

I want managers to know that suffocation is not a good business strategy. It has time and again proven to be the opposite. Give your people some room to breathe and shine. More from me at @Garyvee on Twitter.