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#QOTD: Tell me a story about your most impactful birthday, a year that made you think or act.

2:28 – Have you ever had a point in your life where you’ve had multiple options for what you wanted to do, and how did you end up choosing to take your life in the direction you took it in?
6:42 – I’m a founding member of a startup. How can I convince you to meet my team?
9:09 – I’ve seen you go all in, but I’ve also seen you take a step back and see things from a wider perspective. How do you decide when it’s better to step back?
13:51 – What does the word love mean to you and how does it affect your relationships?
16:46 – How do you map your career growth? I heard you say recently that you freaked out on your 30th birthday and started WineLibraryTV. How do you see milestones like an age, in relation to your career?