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The challenge seems insane. The execution near impossible. But when you see and hear the reasoning behind Gary’s audacious presentation in Auckland, New Zealand from 2018, it doesn’t seem quite so crazy.

His statement is this … 

“If you are not producing 100 pieces of content … every single day you are leaving the greatest opportunity in the world on the table.”

His message is clear that if you are interested in building a business today, you need to seize the opportunity to capture today’s most valuable asset, attention, by creating content at scale. You need to think of yourself as a media property. And you need to deliver information that has value for your audience instead of traditional commercial pitches of the past.

Below are 18 video quotes from Gary’s 1-hour-37-minute keynote that convey the importance of this tactic that’s essential for anyone who’s trying to start or grow their business in 2019 and beyond. 

  1. So many of you posted once, somebody said something nasty and you stopped posting. I need to get you out of that, because if I don’t then you won’t post. 
  2. The reason I don’t want to go deep into the execution is because you have something called Google.
  3. I public speak, but I’m not a public speaker.
  4. Everybody else looked at the past and put print and radio and billboards and direct mail on a pedestal.
  5. I need people to understand what’s actually happening, which is … This will go away! 
  6. Not only do you have to make 100 pieces of content, you have to make 500 different segmentations.
  7. You need to take advantage of it. If you’re not winning during this era, you got big fucking problems.
  8. But If you’re not even starting, it’s game over.
  9. The attention of humans right now is the same way I feel about Manhattan 300 years ago.
  10. I’m desperate for everybody to understand that they are a media company. They should be putting out information, not commercials, information.
  11. But I’m serious and I know that most people here haven’t posted a hundred pieces of unique quality content this year.
  12. Every single person here should be running Facebook and Instagram ads regardless of what your business is.
  13. Everything great should be hard.Okay? If you want to reap the massive benefits of this golden era, you should put in the work.
  14. Anything you want to say to the world, you should say it a minimum of 13 times because you have to give context to the audience that’s seeing it.
  15. The No. 1 thing that binds everybody is that we all need the other person’s attention. Attention is the singular asset.
  16. I want to leave this conference and get some people here to start posting a hundred pieces of content a day. Maybe 52 of those are just single tweets, maybe 26 of them are Instagram stories.
  17. I know most people here haven’t posted a hundred pieces of unique quality content his year, so imagine how fucked I think you really are.
  18. If I said to you, you had unlimited money and could go and buy beachfront property all across this world for a penny on the dollar 112 years ago … would you do it?