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The moment I noticed this headline…I knew it would hit a homerun with so many of you as I see so many people struggling with this. 


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Let’s back up a little bit:

I’ve been in the game a lot longer before I started making videos and being the GaryVee you know me as today. 

Working in businesses since I was 14 and being in the trenches made it clear to me that this is something that is rampant in our lives as humans. 

Turning 47 and looking at my beard graying, I can tell you that being unforgiving has ruined so much for my friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances.


It is so because you struggle with forgiveness at your own expense!

I know this with experience that people are downright terrible at this. Which is why I wan’t to crack open everyone’s skull to push this–If you could gain one new skill today, make it ‘forgiveness’.


With 30+ years in the game, I’ve come to realize that if there’s one thing that could make you a dramatically happier person, it’s this!  This is it! If you wish to enjoy your life more and smile a lot more, learn the concept of forgiving. 


Let’s not live with the ‘one strike policy’ 

You want to carve out people because of your own insecurities, your own weaknesses, your own fears, and hurt? Well guess what…that’s the fastest way to living the most unfulfilling life because you’re not hurting the other person, you’re hurting yourself.

I get so many DMs about this every week where people ask if it’s okay to hold a grudge? Can you forgive a person in your life *for real?* My answer to this is always YES


Pessimism, cynicism, fear can’t let you go to where you want to be if you don’t lean into the positives on the way. It’s poison!

@garyveeGrudges are fuckinf you up … so many of you aren’t able to get to the next chapter of your life because you’re not “letting go” it’s your jail .. here’s your key 🔐♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk

What’s more?

Holding grudges isn’t doing anything to the person you’re mad at:

But the darkness inside you from holding it in is killing you! When you Search for “grudge” this is the first question that comes up on Google. It is to do with so many of you wanting to justify your grudges. When you deep down KNOW that it’s poison. YOU KNOW IT!


In simpler words: 

If one person forgives another person today, It makes two people’s lives easier! If you come from a place of forgiveness. It’s just more love for you!


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