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Hey guys 🙂 Trying something new.. I want to start collaborating more on Instagram and I am going to start with #AskGaryVee

I’ll be doing 2 things.

1) #AskGaryVee on Instagram

I’ve tried a few of these side-by-side interviews and I really like them. I want more people to get involved so I can put a face to the name and really go deeper with the 1:1 you all deserve.

I want you to record your questions on Instagram and post it to your page with the hashtag #AskGaryVee and my handle @garyvee

I’ll be selecting some and answering them in a side by side video then sharing it on my profile.

Questions should be between 10–20 seconds. Instagram only gives me 1 minute to respond so I will have to answer fast!

This should be a fun way for me to say hello 😉😉

This is what it looks like 👇

2) I’m going to start experimenting with live Q&A

Instagram just announced a feature for collaborative live videos where I can invite multiple people into my stream and have conversations. The feature should be rolling out soon.

I can’t wait.. 😉