Ride the Hashtag, Don't Create it!

Ride the Hashtag, Don’t Create it.

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News Alert: You’re not single-handedly getting a hashtag to trend on Twitter unless you’re the Biebs, or some up-and-coming hip-hop artist who is completely dominating already. On the flip side, your ability to pay attention to what’s going on and jump into it, over-indexing the performance of a normal tweet, is pretty consistent even for people who are somewhat average social media users.

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There are 37 people here. Does that look negligible?

It’s Not About the Numbers.

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Even with all the talk about how we’ve embraced new media, people are still looking at the fundamental human elements of it in old-school terms and absolute numbers.

The scale of impressions, or the scale of followers is simply not the end game anymore. Sure it’s a part of the equation, but to give that idea so much stock is just ludicrous and totally misses the point of what makes a platform like Twitter so incredibly unique.

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