Inbound 2012 Keynote: Care Immensely or Die!

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My best keynote in years!
How about doing a random act of kindness for a customer you already have, and not one who just unsubscribed? How about auditing your time, finding the dumb shit you’re doing, and reallocating even the smallest portion of it toward caring about your end consumer? The acquisition has been mapped. Now it’s all up to us as brands to start acting like humans again.

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The Risk and Reward of Entrepreneurship

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This is from the Build a Business competition I’m working on with Shopify. Enter now!
This is the most practical time in history to become an entrepreneur. Do it at the expense of watching Breaking Bad. Do it at the expense of playing Madden. Do it at the expense of going out for drinks. Don’t you think you could forgo those things for a year for the chance at such massive potential upside? I think you could, and I really think you should.

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Ride the Hashtag, Don't Create it!

Ride the Hashtag, Don’t Create it.

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News Alert: You’re not single-handedly getting a hashtag to trend on Twitter unless you’re the Biebs, or some up-and-coming hip-hop artist who is completely dominating already. On the flip side, your ability to pay attention to what’s going on and jump into it, over-indexing the performance of a normal tweet, is pretty consistent even for people who are somewhat average social media users.

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