The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received Came From a Creepy Old Guy

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As some of you may know, I grew up in the liquor business. Now, I was fortunate enough to have it turn into the wine business, but it started off as the liquor business. When I was 16, there was a salesman from one of the liquor companies who was always around. He was a real raunchy, 80-something-year-old guy who was about as politically incorrect as you can get. One day he made yet another statement that made me think “you disrespectful dope,” but over the years it kind of stuck, and I think it’s worth sharing: He said — and I need you to imagine this in an “old man who drinks too much bourbon and smokes too many cigarettes” voice — “Gary, you never know what you have until you sleep with…

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[Full Q&A] 45 Minutes of SOLID GOLD Social Media and Business Advice

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Awesome Q&A session with The Lamppost Group in Chattanooga. Timestamps are below: 00:17 - How do I market my company on Vine and Instagram? 04:18 - How do you know which new platforms to choose? 07:05 - What was your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it? 09:49 - Where do you see wine going in the USA? 14:40 - What insights do you have on company culture and HR? 20:56 - How do I get clients to believe in the value proposition of social media, and then once I do, how do I find the right people to execute on it? 22:20 - Why do you bother doing live events like this for a relatively small audience? 23:39 - What trends do you see in K-12 education? 27:44 - What can Chattanooga do to become more a “startup…

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Inbound 2012 Keynote: Care Immensely or Die!

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My best keynote in years!
How about doing a random act of kindness for a customer you already have, and not one who just unsubscribed? How about auditing your time, finding the dumb shit you’re doing, and reallocating even the smallest portion of it toward caring about your end consumer? The acquisition has been mapped. Now it’s all up to us as brands to start acting like humans again.

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The Risk and Reward of Entrepreneurship

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This is from the Build a Business competition I’m working on with Shopify. Enter now!
This is the most practical time in history to become an entrepreneur. Do it at the expense of watching Breaking Bad. Do it at the expense of playing Madden. Do it at the expense of going out for drinks. Don’t you think you could forgo those things for a year for the chance at such massive potential upside? I think you could, and I really think you should.

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