Marketing to Teenagers? Forget Facebook and Twitter

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I just want to make a statement to help marketers out there. It’s a definitive statement, so get ready.
If you are targeting 13-20 year-olds I just want to clarify it for you right now. The only things they give a crap about for storytelling platforms are Instagram, Snapchat and Vine. This is not a Facebook/Twitter conversation for that demo. So you’re just learning about Facebook and Twitter and it’s already passing you by.
Understand what’s going on there if you’re trying to reach them.
*drops the mic*

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My Thoughts on Vine vs. Instagram Video

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Just the other day I was talking about “Why Not Both” when it comes to quality, quantity, and content. And today I’m making a quick little video because I feel like a lot of people are asking me questions about what happend today which was that Fast Company reported that I’m working on another agency called Grape Story to represent Vine celebrities, which is true, and then on the same day Facebook and Instagram announcing that they’re doing 15 second videos on their platform…

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