Smart Everything: The Biggest Culture Shift of Our Time

Posted by | July 29, 2013 | Business, Video | 6 Comments

One day you’re going to go to the fridge and get a Pepsi. But because the fridge is smart and knows it’s the last one, it’s going to re-order some more Pepsi for you and have it delivered that day. Now imagine everything you own is that smart… Welcome to the future.

  • BostonAndrew

    Unless of course it is Walmart that delivers the Pepsi to you. These companies will adapt, and things like same day delivery will become the norm.

  • Aleks George

    On the flip side, smart technology often makes dumber people. For example, many people struggle to remember phone numbers now. And the reliance on GPS is ridiculous. Not good if your smart technology needs its own mental health day!

  • Tabatha

    I actually disagree with this one, Gary. I think that it’s going to be GOOD for those big-box retailers – at least those who are smart enough to get on board when those ‘smart appliances’ start arriving. Imagine that your LG Refrigerator can do that, and you can ONLY order from Target? ONLY from Walmart? I think it’s going to be bad for the companies who don’t get on the train, and are then racing to try to catch up.

    We shall see. ;)

  • jwink

    Gary, why would “smart refrigerators” be “bad” for WalMart, Costco and Target? If they’re smart they’ll embrace the change and have your order ready for you to pick up and ready to go. Unless they create some sort of delivery service (or sub-contract out the delivery of your items). I see it as a positive thing for retailers not a negative. I can already “ship-to-store” for online shopping, this would just be an extension of that.

  • Robin MacDonald

    A Walmart provided fridge? No charge to users, provided they source all items from WalMart?

  • Hannah Johnston

    I’m not sure it’s going to be ‘bad’ or ‘good’ for these retailers, but it’s definitely going to force them to re-visit the way they market their products to consumers. There is huge science behind store layout, the psychology of shopping and product placement: all designed to encourage consumers to walk down every aisle, purchase products that are at eye level, are ‘on sale or look ‘attractive’ or ‘healthy’…

    If a smart fridge manages these purchasing decisions, FMCG as an industry are going to need to undergo a massive culture shift in their product marketing, and Walmart, Costco and Target will need a new or improved means of offering value to those marketers.

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