Dark Posts, #Selfies, and Lawyers: A Q&A in Philly

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If you haven’t seen the keynote that comes before this, do yourself a favor and check it out!
00:00 – Don’t you believe that marketers have ruined Facebook dark posts, yet?
2:25 – How did you land your Instagram-resistant CEO as a client?
7:05 – Can I come up to the stage and take a #selfie with you?
8:20 – How can we recruit freight agents using social media?
9:19 – How do we authentically tell our stories when we’re marketing to lawyers?
13:14 – Where do you draw the line to use your personal brand instead of your company’s?

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[Full Q&A] 45 Minutes of SOLID GOLD Social Media and Business Advice

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Awesome Q&A session with The Lamppost Group in Chattanooga. Timestamps are below: 00:17 - How do I market my company on Vine and Instagram? 04:18 - How do you know which new platforms to choose? 07:05 - What was your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it? 09:49 - Where do you see wine going in the USA? 14:40 - What insights do you have on company culture and HR? 20:56 - How do I get clients to believe in the value proposition of social media, and then once I do, how do I find the right people to execute on it? 22:20 - Why do you bother doing live events like this for a relatively small audience? 23:39 - What trends do you see in K-12 education? 27:44 - What can Chattanooga do to become more a “startup…

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