Send Flowers on July 12th

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Hey everyone! I really wanted to make this video. There was a classic video in my world where I cold-call an advertiser for my fake beer show. A lot of you have seen that and thank you for that! (Want to get advertisers on your blog?). But yesterday, I wanted to make a point by doing something similar but the context of the situation and the way you go about it changes the game. In media, everyone is pushing out commercials, pre rolls and this-that-and-the-other thing. However, what I keep telling them is that social allows all of us to act more human. So I titled this video, send flowers on July 12th. Guys who are watching this – you know when your wife, or girlfriend or mistress (tisk tisk) or however you roll, gets flowers on…

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Always Finish Things Off

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I was up 5-2 in a tennis match today and it was Love-30 – he was serving. And I lost 7-5.

Two days ago, I was playing AJ in corn-hole. I was up 13-0 in a game to 15 in the third game of a three game series. And he came back and won.

These two comebacks and my lack of concentration to finish people off is totally unacceptable and crushes my soul. And now, my competitive spirit is at an all time high to never let it happen again. I am very upset. I am sorry to myself and to my family. Don’t let this happen to you. Always concentrate and finish things off.

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Why Not Both?

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A lot of people have been talking about quantity versus quality of content. My question is ‘Why not both?’
Here’s a link to Scott Monty’s blog that I mentioned.

So about 10-14 times a week, I get an email, or someone stops me in the street – literally – and says “Gary you always talk about working so much. The hustle. All the hours you need to put in. Well hey man, I know working hard is great, but I work smart. That’s why I’m going to win just as much.” And I always say to them, “Why not both?” Why not working smart all the time and hustling? Because the people who really crush are doing that. You’re working smart and hard. Why not both?

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Emptying the Bucket

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As a manager, the more you have to do, the fuller your bucket gets. Make sure to empty your bucket from time to time to keep it from overflowing.

Over the last couple of months (actually more like a year and a half), I’ve been really heads down building VaynerMedia, my agency and taking it from a 30 to a 250 person agency. And it’s very predicated on young people. And one of the things that really excites me is the mentorship I’ve been able to do. I’ve been using an analogy lately – because I have so many 25, 26, 32 year old managers – about how to handle the pressure. Because the pressure is really the issue…

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